Steelhorse Adventures

The Balkans

An area containing many countries with old history and great culture. Perfect landscape and amazing scenery to ride your motorbike.

We had 2 weeks, so we hadn't time to visit all the countries. We decided to go down the west coast and visit Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.


500,000 km2




Differs from country to country


Euro, Kuna, Lek *


Slovene, Croatian, Montenegrin, Albanian *


Not much. This time we used AirBnB to book locations for the night. We always booked the location for the next night the day before and had never problems. People where always very friendly.


When you are an european (EU) citizen you don't need much. Your driving license, your id card and registration paper is enough.


We had no problems at the borders. One little strange thing is the border between Croatia and Montenegro. Because to enter Montenegro you first need to cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina and a few KM later you cross the border back into Croatia and again a few KM later you cross the border to Montenegro.


No special preparations.


No special immunizations.

The Trip

From Germany to Slovenia

We started our trip from a small town near Munich and on the first day we took the highway until a few KM before we reached Slovenia.

In Slovenia we first visited the Mangard Road and this was the only night we go to a camping site and sleeped in our tents.

The other day we just crossed through Slovenia using some main roads. But nevertheless it was a nice ride with fantasic scenery.

From Slovenia to Croatia

We took some very nice main roads through Slovenia and crossed the border to Croatia on noon.

On our first day in Croatia we drove towards the Plitvice Lakes National Park and spend a night in a village near by.

The second day we drove down to Split enjoyed the amazing landscape on the way.

And on our 3rd day we drove towards Dubrovnik all along the Croatian coast.

From Croatia to Montenegro

After a relaxing night near Dubrovnik we road the last few KM to enter Montenegro.

Montenegro is a nice small country with amazing small back roads and lovely mountain area. If you ever have the chance to visit Montenegro with your bike, don't wait. Just ride.

At the time we where there we saw a lot of chinese worker building the new silk road.

Fun Fact: the currency there is Euro, but they are not a member of the European Union (yet).

From Montenegro to Albania

After three days in Montenegro and the beautiful Durmitor National park we entered Albania.

In Albania we stayed for 2 days. Visiting the area of the river Drin. We also took the ferry from Fierza to Koman which is really a nice trip.

If you also want to take this ferry, do you a favor and buy the tickets online. They are much much cheaper online.

To exit Albania we took the ferry from Durres to Italy.

*) only the countries we visited