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The island where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. An amsazin island with beautiful roads and landscapes. Perfect for riding your motorbike.


8,679 km2


330,455 (2016)








Visiting corsica was more an accident than a planed tour. I made plans to visit Tunisia. The day before i started the trip i copied some of my documents (like drivers license, passport and other things). The passport i copied last. And i forgot it in the copy machine. I realized it when i arrived at the ferry port in Genoa when the staff asked me for the ferry ticket and the passport.

So i had to find a new destination where i can go without my passport and i decided to visit Corsica and Sardinia. But i stayed for the whole time in Corsica. It is definitively a bikers paradise!


When you are an european (EU) citizen you don't need much. Your driving license, your id card and registration paper is enough.


I took the ferry from Livorno to Bastia. You can buy the ferry ticket near the harbor. It was a little bit tricky to find it.
But you can ask the people, they will help you.


No special preparations.


No special immunizations.

The Trip

From Germany to Livorno

I started the trip directly after work and road the highway A5 down to Lörrach. Slept in a cheap hotel and the day after i crossed the alps through switzerland using the highway A2 to Busto Arsizio in Italy.

There i took a room via airbnb and the next day i traveld through the ligurian mountains to Genoa. Which was a very amazing day. I took the small roads through some national parks which where pretty amazing.

After realizing that i forgot my passport, i traveld down to Pisa. For this i took also the small roads through many national parks.

sunrise somewhere in ireland

More to come...